We are passionate about working hand-in-hand with organizations and businesses that are looking for effective solutions with a positive impact. Terra Brevis offers a wide range of services custom tailored for your specific needs:

→ Organizational Development and Training

→ Social Impact Measures

→ Integrated Public Relations

→ Quality Communication

→ Project Management

→ Effective Writing and Speaking

All of our services can be provided in English and/or Lithuanian. We can also accommodate other language needs including Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.


Organizational Development and Training 

We help organizations achieve positive change through the use of relevant business development tools, developing and facilitating relevant training sessions. Terra Brevis has experience in successfully engaging clients with stakeholders to clearly identify relevant issues and ensure internal consistency in their overall business models, including values, short and medium-term strategies and competency frameworks. We can determine opportunities for growth or work towards achieving goals already established by the client.

Social Impact

Whether you’re a business considering how to devise an effective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy or a mission-driven organization looking to set meaningful impact indicators, Terra Brevis can help you design the best strategy and select the right tools for achieving and sustaining social impact. We can also assist in implementation, monitoring, reporting and follow-up on your CSR success.

Integrated Public Relations

Terra Brevis can help you get your message across with flying colors. Several of our team members and associates are highly qualified in developing and executing public relations and marketing plans that are suited to your particular type of business or activity. We also provide media training as well as help you to establish media relations that can be short term or long term, depending on your needs.

Quality Communication

We will make sure that your communication is effective and has an appropriate structureinner logic and consistency. Terra Brevis is experienced in producing evaluations, reports, studies and business performance assessments. Our services include the preparation of reports and executive summaries along with editing and proofreading by native English language speakers.

Project Management

We can identify funding opportunities for getting your project started, draft proposals for securing funding and assist you with international bids for community development projects, feasibility studies and evaluations. We can also provide the necessary organizational and human resources to implement the project. Terra Brevis team has extensive experience in launching projects, coordinating all aspects of their execution and providing oversight. We have managed projects in diverse areas ranging from communications and microfinance to the arts and large-scale urban development.

Effective Writing and Speaking

We have in our ranks English native and native-proficiency speakers with experience and passion for improving English language communication when reaching out to English speaking audiences. Based in Lithuania, we are particularly attuned to the English-language needs of Lithuanian companies and people, and have experience evaluating, and, based on the results, designing organization-wide English improvement campaigns. Reach out to us about ad hoc English needs like preparation for presentations or meetings to customized language improvement programs.