Vilija Jasilione

Business Development Skype:vilija.jasilione

Business Development

Vilija is a business innovator with a passionate commitment to achieving positive results. A dynamic entrepreneur and management consultant, she applies her rational and no-nonsense approach to all of Terra Brevis’ projects. Vilija believes in combining creativity, structure and determination for realizing and revealing one’s full potential.

Over the last four years, Vilija successfully oversaw the organizational development and growth of the progressive business consulting and law firm of Verslo Konsultantai in Lithuania. Her work propelled the company to expand 3-fold and attain one of the leading positions in its sector.

Vilija has been part of major international projects with partners from the United Kingdom, Italy, Finland and the USA and provided business consulting, marketing, mediation and negotiation services.

Vilija holds 3 Master’s degrees in International Communications, in Public Administration and in Law. She has studied in Norway, Lithuania and India.